Sales Forecasting Reimagined: A New Approach to Forecasting

Sales Forecasting Reimagined: A New Approach to Forecasting

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Too often sales forecasts are a simple projection from the sales pipeline together with some updates that were made in spreadsheets that were passed around the organization.

Vortini has a radically different approach. An accurate, credible and actionable sales forecast is created by combining the sales pipeline with insight from the sales organization and a deep understanding of the dynamics between the sales function and its customers. The delivery of the forecast needs to be monitored for any sign that it is heading off track and management need to be given the earliest possible warning so that they have the maximum time to course correct. The forecasting process needs to be adaptable, fast and efficient, because time spent forecasting is time that could have been spent selling and delivering.

This is Sales Forecasting Reimagined.

Vortini’s forecasting process starts by building a complete understanding of sales behavior from an analysis of sales history in your CRM. This understanding is continually refined as ongoing sales activity is captured. Sales forecasts are analyzed in the context of this sales history. With Vortini, you don’t have to wait to build up a forecasting history to perform behavioral analytics, we provide insight from the first forecast.

Vortini seamlessly integrates with your CRM solution and this provides several key benefits:

1) Sales forecasts down to the individual rep are stored in the corporate database which preserves a history of all forecasts.

2) Vortini eliminates cut and paste efforts by every single rep and manager into spreadsheets and all the errors and omissions associated with this archaic practice.

3) Sales managers no longer flip back and forth between a sales rep’s spreadsheet and CRM pipeline report checking to see if any opportunities are mysteriously left out in the latest forecast.

4) Vortini automatically pulls data directly from the CRM application to populate the forecast worksheet, giving reps an added incentive to keep their customer records in your CRM up-to-date and accurate.

5) In the sales forecasting worksheet, reps can add comments and adjust expected closing value on each individual opportunity and this data is preserved for continuity in future forecasts and visible up the chain of command.

6) Vortini provides complete transparency on how individual reps and sales managers built their forecast and powerful analytics provide early warning on potential risks.

With Vortini, a standalone silo based forecasting process is instantly replaced by an intuitive, collaborative forecasting model that changes rep behavior and more importantly captures sales behavior in order to deliver more accurate forecasts based on deep analytics and a transparent forecasting process. In addition to the management of the forecast, Vortini tracks forecast delivery and closed business through to the end of each period. When the overall forecast is off track, Vortini detects this and provides the earliest possible warning so no last minute surprises occur.

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Jess is a communications professional and Vortini’s lead content/web developer. Her current interests lie in the intersection of sales technology and machine learning. In her free time she reads a book-a-week, practices yoga, and is an avid gardener.

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