Advanced Forecasting

Forecasting is about setting the right number in the future, and identifying where trouble may lie to mitigate a forecast miss. Vortini’s predictive sales forecasting creates a unified forecasting process across complex and diverse organizations and gives early warning to management when a forecast begins to go off track. We want you to understand your business faster with less manual effort.

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Early Warning System

The earlier and more insightful the warning, the more equipped you are to course correct. Only Vortini combines current pipeline details, historical analysis and rep behavior patterns to flag off track forecasts and suggest a plan B.

  • Typical trajectories of organizations are available
  • When the typical trajectory changes, management is flagged to understand where the forecast is going

Smart Suggested Forecast

Blank slates are daunting. Vortini auto-populates your forecast with information from current opportunities and historical data about similar opportunities and sales behavior.

  • Machine learning applied to historical data creates a Smart Suggested Forecast
  • Amount of time spent on forecast reduced by at least half

How do you create an accurate and realistic sales forecast? Listen to our CEO David Griffin discuss sales forecasting tips with Andy Paul on Accelerate!

AI-Driven Insights

Living forecasts allow organizations to learn from previous forecasts and improve accuracy – throwaway one-offs don’t. Only Vortini mines your CRM for normally hidden opportunity data to construct a full sales history.

  • Full reconstruction of current and previous Salesforce data
  • Make sense of all customer and historical interactions to understand customer patterns and behaviors

Full Financial Forecast

What’s the difference between a sales forecast and a financial forecast? About 12 months. Using Vortini, Sales forecasts their next period, while Finance forecasts the next fiscal quarter and year, including revenue recognition. No need for dual forecasting systems.

  • Management can manage both sales and financial forecasts in one place

Sales Forecasting and Analytics go Hand in Hand

Pull historical sales data to analyze trends and performance, while also improving the forecast to make it more trustworthy and accurate across the organization.

Current and historical data is collected and managed.

Historical data collection and analysis of data demonstrates changing dynamic in the sales org.

This data is sales analytics–they are answers used to drive sales performance

Data is used in other areas such as forecasting to drive accuracy

Getting Started with Vortini Is Easy

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The Forecast Isn't Just a Number, It's an Action Plan