Sales forecasting is always an important but challenging activity. This is even more the case when the business is experiencing change.

Is your business currently dealing with any of these changes?

Merger and Acquisition
Merger and Acquisition

That’s the reality for many Global 500 firms who as a result are in a constant state of mergers and acquisitions.
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Sales Reorganization

When reorganizing regions, creating new sales teams for new products, or changing leadership, preparing a confident sales forecast can be especially challenging.
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Forecast Miss

When companies are in a continual growth pattern, they often neglect to build strong practices around forecasting.
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Advanced Forecasting for Complex Organizations

Early Warning

Combine current pipeline details, historical analysis and behavior patterns to flag off track forecasts and suggest a plan B.

Suggested Forecast

Auto-populate your forecast with a recommended mix of deals based on current and historical deal data.

AI-Driven Insights

Mine your CRM for normally hidden deal data to construct a full history of forecasts, even if you haven’t kept them.

Full Financial Forecast

Sales forecasts their next period, while Finance forecasts the next fiscal quarter and year. No need for dual forecasting systems.

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Analytics to Hit Your Number This Quarter

Sales Effectiveness

Sales isn’t just about the figure– you need analytics to understand and build on their potential to identify areas of under-performance and improve sales effectiveness.

Campaign Effectiveness

Why guess on ROI when you can know? Understand and evaluate the value you receive from campaigns to make sure they generate new business opportunities.

Cross-Sell & Upsell

To thrive and succeed in today’s competitive environment you need to understand your customers, analyze their next move, and make the right offering.

Win Rate

Win rate tells you the success rate of your sales team and is a basic measure of sales success, benchmark who’s performing above and below average.

Vortini Adds Value Beyond the Sales Organization

Vortini is a purpose-built sales forecasting application that delivers on the promise of more accurate forecasts. Vortini adds a layer of forecasting intelligence to top CRM platforms in a way that is natural to reps and execs alike.

Sales Efficiency , Sales Behavior

Sales Operations

With an accurate forecast I can run an efficient, error free process that meets today’s business needs and tomorrow’s analysis needs.
financial forecast, sales management

Sales Leaders

Efficient forecasting means my team is freed up to spend more time selling. Real-time sales behavioral analytics deliver the earliest possible warning of what needs immediate attention, de-risking the forecast.
financial forecast, sales forecast


With a sales forecast that I trust, I can manage expenditure optimally knowing there won’t be any last minute surprises.
salesforce investment, sales forecast software

Sales Representatives

The forecasting process is streamlined with Vortini, leaving me more time to sell. Vortini helps me to provide the forecast commitment that my team leader requires and secures support for my key deals. Revenue Visibility helps me hit targets.

Protect Your Salesforce Investment

There are often situations when the sales organization steps outside of Salesforce, whether it’s to run a forecast or compile a list of “must close” deals for the quarter. These are both done in spreadsheets and this diminishes the value of Salesforce.

Vortini is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and provides a consistent and scalable collaborative sales forecasting solution that eliminates spreadsheets and takes the pain out of the forecasting process. Vortini manages the sales forecast as a corporate resource.

Getting Started with Vortini Is Easy

Sales Org Structure

Vortini has been named Top Sales Tool of 2017 by Smart Selling Tools. Watch the video for a short product overview!