Increase Sales Effectiveness

Your sales team wants to win at every stage of the customer’s buying process, but there are disparities in effectiveness in all organizations. Immediately identify areas of under- and over- performance so everyone can learn from the best, improve performance and drive growth.

  • Small improvements in effectiveness leads directly to top line improvements and the bottom line
  • Gain visibility into which assets are most effective and drive success
  • Analyze historical trends to coach the sales function and improve future performance

Drive Upsell and Cross-Sell

Know what next offer to make to a customer or prospect and identify customers who have a higher propensity to make additional purchases.

  • Analyze patterns in past behavior, identify potential service or product opportunities at each contact
  • Understand the clusters of products that customers buy and in which order
  • Gain insight into the amount of product a customer is likely to buy

Vortini has been named Top Sales Tool of 2017 by Smart Selling Tools. Watch the video for a short product overview!

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Campaigns cost money, and a return on the campaign can be measured in financial and non-financial ways. We help customers work out whether they are getting a return from their campaigns.

  • Deploy algorithms to measure and evaluate participation in events and activities
  • Assess the true value of campaigns using a wide range of metrics
  • Unique combination of high level identification of trends to detailed insight into individual clients

Win-Rate Analysis

Increase win-rate by pinpointing where sales teams have the most difficulty converting opportunities from stage-to-stage. Win-rate analytics uses sales history to tell you how performance stacks up against previous averages.

  • Armed with this knowledge, you can identify bad deals earlier
  • Benchmark performance against averages and see who stacks up
  • Forecast future performance and estimate revenue within the forecasting process

Sales Analytics and Forecasting Go Hand in Hand

Pull historical sales data to analyze trends and performance, while also improving the forecast to make it more trustworthy and accurate across the organization.

Current and historical data is collected and managed.

Historical data collection and analysis of data demonstrates changing dynamic in the sales org.

This data is sales analytics–they are answers used to drive sales performance

Data is used in other areas such as forecasting to drive accuracy

Getting Started with Vortini Is Easy

Sales Org Structure

The Forecast Isn't Just a Number, It's an Action Plan