Vortini Partners

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Join a winning team and worldwide network. We believe we can increase your revenue yield per customer and provide a clear differentiator in your sales efforts to new customers versus your competition. If you are active in any of the following areas, we are particularly interested in talking to you.

CRM Delivery

You configure CRM systems for customers and understand the strengths and limitations of the CRM. An early requirement will address customers need for sales analytics. We want you to work with your customers to make Vortini available at the same time as the CRM so they have access to platforms for operational sales management and sales analytics.

Sales Process Consulting

You help customers put robust and repeatable processes in place. A key requirement is the ability to measure and manage the efficiency of processes, and to compile the data that tells you how processes have delivered over time. Vortini provides this data and the metrics that allow continuous measurement and improvement.

Sales Operations

Companies with an established sales operations group are faced with many challenges as they implement the business activities that will support the sales organization. With partnership opportunities, Vortini addresses the need for a platform and tools for data-backed business decisions.

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