Protect Your Salesforce Investment

Salesforce integration extends to multiple Salesforce instances and any customizations that might have been made.  An important outcome of Salesforce integration is the full reconstruction of sales activity history, so sales trends can be observed, compared and measured. Vortini uses the full client organizational structure and combines this with Salesforce authentication to control access to data and maintain security.

Uncover Hidden Salesforce Data

Salesforce shows the current stage of an opportunity, but where are the record changes? Opportunities can be closed and reopened multiple times, or the close date can change several times without management even knowing. Vortini tracks and displays any changes related to all opportunities.

Highlight Bad Data

Vortini flags any opportunity that contains bad data and skews the pipeline and forecast. Opportunities open in past fiscal periods, won/closed in the future, or are assigned to inactive reps are flagged so management can quickly assess data quality issues and commit to a data cleanse.

Smart Suggested Forecast

Vortini auto-populates the forecast with information from current opportunities and historical data. Machine learning is applied to historical data to create a Smart Suggested Forecast. Sales management and reps can improve on Smart Suggested Forecast to the extent they want, or simply use that amount. Time spent on the forecast is reduced by at least half.

Combine Multiple CRM Instances

Businesses often run multiple CRM instances, which makes it difficult for management to gain full visibility into sales activities. Only Vortini combines multiple Salesforce instances to avoid hassles when mergers, acquisitions or sales reorganizations occur.

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