Sales Operations

With a reliable forecast, sales operations can run an efficient, error free process that meets today’s business needs and tomorrow’s analysis needs.
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The Problem

Collecting data and coordinating the forecasting process

Collecting and handling data can be difficult when it’s scattered across the organization, and running a forecasting process through spreadsheets makes it even more challenging to coordinate.

The Solution

Easily rollup forecasts and monitor progress for all parts of the organization. Spreadsheets are eliminated from the forecasting equation and sales ops knows exactly who has submitted the forecast and who hasn’t. Analytics is used to monitor forecasting progress and sales effectiveness. An accurate forecast is produced which allows the business to be run more predictably and efficiently to improve future planning.

sales operations sales forecasting


With a reliable forecast, executives can be confident that they will deliver on their targets and can manage expenditures so that the business is run optimally.
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The Problem

Time-Consuming and Questionable Forecast Results

The typical forecasting process is unreliable, time-consuming, and provides little insight into how forecast numbers were formulated.

The Solution

Vortini delivers an efficient and accurate forecast. Executives have complete visibility into the process and they can make decisions on how to manage revenue assets, mitigate risk and refine forecasts. Our early warning system tells executives when the forecast begins to go off track, giving them the opportunity to course correct and get back on track.

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Are you wasting too much time on the sales forecast? Find out how much time your organization spends forecasting with our Sales Forecasting Calculator.

Sales Leaders

Sales leaders need accurate forecasts so they can allocate resources efficiently and hit sales targets. Without a central repository for previous forecasting cycles, forecast history and sales behavior is lost.
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The Problem

Lack of Visibility and Oversight

With scattered spreadsheets, sales leaders have little oversight into the behavior of the sales teams, and the progress they’re making towards revenue goals.

The Solution

An accurate forecast and real-time sales insights enables sales leaders to identify and tackle issues upfront. Sales visibility is important to keep the sales team on track and monitor progress of all parts of the sales organization. Vortini mines your CRM for normally hidden data to construct a full history of your forecasts.

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Sales Representatives

An accurate sales forecast helps sales representatives secure support for priority deals, and an easy forecast process gives reps more selling time.

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The Problem

Time-Consuming Forecasts

For sales representatives, time spent on forecasting is not time spent selling. It is often the case that the sales representatives do not get value from the forecasting process.

The Solution

Vortini helps the sales representatives create their forecasts in a way that encourages accuracy and provides confidence that the forecast is achievable. Vortini combines a top-down and bottom-up approach to forecasting, allowing for more accurate and naturally produced forecasts.

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The Forecast Isn't Just a Number, It's an Action Plan