“Vortini gives sales ops, sales leaders and sales people at large, complex organizations, a cradle to grave view of the forecast throughout the quarter or period. It can keep you from missing your forecast, giving you key business analytics along the way.”

Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools

Analytics to Hit Your Number This Quarter


Sales Effectiveness

You want your sales team to win at every stage of the customer’s buying process, but there are disparities in effectiveness in all organizations. Sales effectiveness analytics help to identify areas of under- and over- performance so everyone can learn from the best and improve performance.

Custom Analytics

All organizations need different analytics to track processes and effectiveness. Vortini has a store of custom analytics for organizations to choose from, and customize their dashboard based on what is most essential to them. Choose from analytics such as upsell and cross-sell, win-rate, campaign effectiveness and much more.


Advanced Forecasting to Set the Right Path for the Future

smart suggested forecast

Smart Suggested Forecast

Machine learning applied to historical data creates a Smart Suggested Forecast. Save time by at least half with an auto-populated forecast with information from current opportunities and historical data.

Automated Rollup

Easily rollup forecasts with the click of a button for individual teams, and geographically dispersed teams. Eliminate spreadsheets, manual aggregation and manual coordination.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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The Tools You Need to Measure Forecast Deliverability and Credibility

Amount-won delivery benchmark

Can We Deliver It?

Forecasting is an evidence-based process, and you need to understand whether the forecast will actually be delivered. Use deliverability metrics to understand the current forecast with reference to benchmarked historical performance.

Are We Delivering It?

What happens after you submit the number? From that point on, the big question is whether you are going to hit it. Track a cradle to grave view of the forecast throughout the quarter or period to keep you from missing the forecast.


Getting Started with Vortini Is Easy

Sales Org Structure

How do you create an accurate and realistic sales forecast? Listen to our CEO David Griffin discuss sales forecasting tips with Andy Paul on Accelerate!