Sales Forecasting Reimagined

Meet Vortini - an analytics solution for sales forecasting and business insight that integrates seamlessly with your CRM. Say goodbye to spreadsheets scattered across the enterprise; guesswork on how a rep or region arrived at their forecast; and endless cut and pasting of data to do analysis.

In this demo Vortini will show you...

How to run a collaborative sales forecasting process

How to track revenue against forecasts through to close

How Vortini combines and adjusts forecasts to create the most accurate forecast

How we use historical data to enhance the forecast

“Our company is positioned in a high-growth market and that means accurately forecasting can be tough just because the business is changing so rapidly. Vortini’s approach results in a forecast that I can deliver and the CEO and VP Finance can trust.”

–Michael Halligan, Vice President of Sales, Catalyst Healthcare

Watch How to Quickly Create and Rollup Forecasts, then Track to a Successful Close

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