For over seven years Vortini has been meeting Aon’s ongoing requirement to optimize its Sales and Marketing performance. As an organization operating globally with thousands of sales representatives, Aon understood that the performance of their sales and marketing organization had a material impact on the success of the entire business.

Since partnering with Aon, Vortini has transformed dispersed data captured locally in Salesforce into globally-standardized actionable information for sales and marketing leadership to help them achieve the company’s growth targets.

The Vortini platform provides a 360° view of the client and sales processes. Its metrics and analytics not only allow actual performance to be measured, but also to spot developing trends. Analysis is enabled across all business units, geographies and practices, providing the necessary insights to drive and adjust appropriately for the markets Aon operates in.


In one area of the Aon business, Vortini analyzed prospects and compared them to existing customers with a similar profile. This information has proven invaluable for sales representatives as they seek to position products that are most likely to meet the immediate needs of their prospects. The outcome is a more efficient sales process where the discussion with prospects immediately focuses on the areas that are most likely to interest them.

Results and ROI

Aon also looked to Vortini to help them understand their Return on Investment (ROI) from campaigns that they run in connection with sponsorships. Vortini deployed algorithms to evaluate how participation in events sponsored by Aon not only helped with the generation of new business opportunities but also measured how it positively affected negotiations in ongoing deals and eventually their successful closing.

The impact of Vortini is that it provides deep insight into the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities. This leads to the identification of opportunities for improvement that drive the growth and profitability of the entire organization. It provides sales and marketing and executive leadership with the tools they need to understand the dynamics of complex organizations and to move forward with confidence.

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