Why Behavioral Sales Forecasting Matters

Behavioral Sales Forecasting starts by building a complete understanding of sales behavior from an analysis of sales history in your CRM. This understanding is continually refined as ongoing sales activity is analyzed and captured. Sales Forecasts are analyzed in the context of this sales history. With Vortini, you don’t have to wait to build up a forecasting history to perform behavioral analytics, we provide insight from the first forecast. What’s the bottom line? Your team will deliver accurate forecasts and will spend less time on the process. That allows everyone more time in front of customers and prospects—selling!

Vortini Key FeaturesVortini Key Features

Vortini is connected to your CRM. It eliminates time-consuming and error prone cutting and pasting by reps and managers along with the accidental or intentional omissions that can result from disconnected sales forecasting processes.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is a critical business process that allows all parts of the sales organization to think through what they are able to deliver, and to make a commitment to deliver it.

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Revenue Visibility

Revenue Visibility shows how all part of the sales organization are delivering against their targets and forecasts.

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Vortini Adds Value Beyond the Sales OrganizationVortini Adds Value Beyond the Sales Organization

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With a sales forecast that I trust, I can manage expenditure optimally knowing there won’t be any last minute surprises.
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Sales Leaders

Efficient forecasting means my team is freed up to spend more time selling. Real-time sales behavioral analytics deliver the earliest possible warning of what needs immediate attention, de-risking the forecast.
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Sales Representatives

The forecasting process is streamlined with Vortini, leaving me more time to sell. Vortini helps me to provide the forecast commitment that my team leader requires and secures support for my key deals. Revenue Visibility helps me hit targets.

Protect Your Salesforce InvestmentProtect Your Salesforce Investment


There are often situations when the sales organization steps outside of Salesforce, whether it’s to run a forecast or compile a list of “must close” deals for the quarter. These are both done in spreadsheets and this diminishes the value of Salesforce.

Vortini is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and provides a consistent and scalable collaborative sales forecasting solution that eliminates spreadsheets and takes the pain out of the forecasting process. Vortini manages the sales forecast as a corporate resource.

Vortini is designed for organizations that are…Vortini is designed for organizations that are…



Measurement and accuracy is critical to drive performance


Multi-currency, devolved management, local process variation


Customized CRM, complex reporting structures, custom analytics

Sales EfficiencySales Efficiency

Vortini constantly monitors your sales data to maintain a complete picture of the health of the sales organization and processes over long periods of time. This means that you can understand what has changed, what is different, and how things compare. Everything is available on a range of devices.

Increase Revenue, Improve Your Sales Forecast