Vortini Listed as Top SalesTech of 2017

Vortini Listed as Top SalesTech of 2017

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The current sales technology landscape can be hard to navigate. There’s an increase in vendors, and it isn’t always clear what to select from all the choices.

Luckily the team at Smart Selling Tools has put together a comprehensive infographic to help you find exactly what sales technology you’re looking for.

We’ve put together high level points explaining how the team at Smart Selling Tools developed their list. You can also read the entire article on LinkedIn.

Considering there are 400+ sales tech solutions, they needed to be categorized. Solutions were grouped based on the Hierarchy of Revenue Needs™. The purpose is to organize the needs of sellers based on what is fundamental to company survival. The SalesTech solutions fall into six “super-categories”:

  • Who to sell to and why
  • How to engage and when
  • Why they should buy and from you
  • What to do to close
  • How to up/cross-sell renew
  • How to manage, compensate, train, onboard, reinforce, coach

The goal of the infographic is to help potential buyers make sense of the complex SalesTech landscape. According to Nancy Nardin, “Right off the bat, the landscape should help you to know where to focus.”

Vortini is honored to be featured in the super-category “how to manage, compensate, train, onboard, reinforce, coach” under Sales Forecasting and Reporting. Our solution streamlines the creation of your sales forecast, making the process more visible for managers and easier to complete for sales reps.

If your sales organization forecasts using spreadsheets, or needs a better forecasting process in place, request a demo to see how Vortini can help.  

You can view the full infographic on Smart Selling Tools website.

Jess is a communications professional and Vortini’s lead content/web developer. Her current interests lie in the intersection of sales technology and machine learning. In her free time she reads a book-a-week, practices yoga, and is an avid gardener.

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